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Payment isn’t just monetary, it’s also justice. Don’t be a victim twice and fight for your rights with a reliable, Atlanta-based personal injury attorney. When you’re ready to fight for your rights, give Blade Injury Law a call where you won’t be just a case, but a human being with a story to tell. But don’t wait too long, justice is impatient, and timing is everything. Connect with one Atlanta’s first-class car collision lawyers today.

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Collision and injury cases are more time sensitive than one may think. At Blade Injury Law, you’ll have direct access to a personal injury attorney. Blade is licensed in three states, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, and has settled numerous cases in each state.

Understand the Process

Being involved in a car collision is overwhelming in itself, let a lawyer at Blade Injury Law walk you through the legal process with the attention and knowledge you and your personal injury case deserve.

Medical Review & Treatment

Have a medical doctor evaluate your potential injuries and prescribe any needed treatments immediately after a car collision. “Toughing it out” will allow insurance companies to use any gaps or lapse in medical coverage against you.

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Zealous Advocacy

Blade fights from start to finish. So many people in this business do the absolute minimum to complete a case but not Blade. He performs in-depth investigations that get the absolute maximum for his clients. When you want zealous advocacy, you want Blade.


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Blade Will Always be Our #1 Choice

Wonderful attorney! We called him for my husband's accident, and he was immediately able to get my husband signed up and had him an appointment scheduled the same day! He guided my husband through the steps of treatment and even assisted in helping him with a rental car through a company he recommended. Blade submitted a flawless demand to the insurance company and was able to get a settlement that covered my husband's attorney fee, medical bills, and still allotted a nice settlement to my husband once all bills were paid… Thanks Blade Injury Law!


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We know how to secure compensation for injury victims and their families.
We have settled cases in excess of $1.15 million dollars where insurance companies offered less than 5%!

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