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Payment isn’t just monetary, it’s also justice. Don’t be a victim twice and fight for your rights with a reliable, Atlanta-based personal injury attorney. When you’re ready to fight for your rights, give Blade Injury Law a call where you won’t be just a case, but a human being with a story to tell. But don’t wait too long, justice is impatient, and timing is everything. Connect with one Atlanta’s first-class car collision lawyers today.

Traumatic Brain Injury Specialization

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be all too common in car accidents. Sadly, what can be even more common is an undetected or misdiagnosed TBI. There are a multiple variations of TBIs and it’s important to not only see a doctor, but also have an attorney who is experienced with concussions and other brain injuries. Many side effects from a mild TBI go away over time, but if it’s undetected, it can potentially put both you and other parties at risk.

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Accident, Now What?

Know your rights. Talk to an experienced attorney who you can trust.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

Collision and injury cases are more time sensitive than one may think. At Blade Injury Law, you’ll have direct access to a personal injury attorney. Blade is licensed in three states, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, and has settled numerous cases in each state.

Understand the Process

Being involved in a car collision is overwhelming in itself, let a lawyer at Blade Injury Law walk you through the legal process with the attention and knowledge you and your personal injury case deserve.

Medical Review & Treatment

Have a medical doctor evaluate your potential injuries and prescribe any needed treatments immediately after a car collision. “Toughing it out” will allow insurance companies to use any gaps or lapse in medical coverage against you.

Health Care & Funding Connections

Receive options to healthcare providers specialized in personal injury to aid in your medical care. In the event it’s needed, Blade Injury Law also has connections to medical funding companies as catastrophic accidents can also have an expensive road to recovery.

Know Your Options

Don’t be a car collision victim twice. Injury law is complex and difficult to navigate alone. Call an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you know your legal options and don’t miss your chance for justice.

Don’t Have to Battle It Alone

Insurance companies often try to get car collision victims to settle for less and quickly. Battle the insurance companies, and their lawyers, with a lawyer of your own who knows how to navigate insurance claims and the collision process.

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