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Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle Accident

There are a lot of misconceptions in regard to motorcyclists that riders often find themselves on the receiving end of motorcyclist profiling. False perceptions can range from riders being young, wreck less, having a flagrant disregard for traffic laws, more apt to intoxication and/or motorcycles predominantly being used for weekend joyrides. Just like any other driver, motorcyclists aren’t exempt to these perceptions, but it’s far from the norm.

According to the American Motorcyclists member data, the average age of member motorcyclists is 49 and 71% have 25 years of riding experience. Additionally, 78% classify their usage as on-road riding and collectively have an estimated riding total of 1 billion miles annually. So, don’t be deceived by outdated stereotypes, the majority of motorcyclists have the same goal as any other auto driver, driving and arriving safely to their respective destination.

Motorcyclists enjoy many benefits from riding, but sadly, according to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, motorcycles are also “the most hazardous form of motor vehicle transportation.” And unfortunately, when a motorcycle accident does occur, it can be confounding and devastating for the motorcyclist as riders have less stability and lack the enclosed protection many other vehicles offer. Unlike several misperceptions, approximately ¾ of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle and the other driver’s failed ability to detect and recognize the motorcycle in traffic is often the predominating cause for the wreck. It’s important to recognize appropriate caution.

Motorcyclists have rights to be on the road and if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, project your rights. Blade Injury Law is an experienced personal injury firm who can offer guidance and representation to uphold your rights as well as navigate this new road you’re now facing. While we can’t change what happened, we can change what happens next.

Motorcycles have less visibility and stability than cars and riders lack the protection of an enclosed

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